ACE Training from the Guy Who Wrote the Book

Many ACE users, both new and experienced, are bewildered at the scope and variety of C++ classes available in ACE. This often leads to confusion about the options available for accomplishing a needed task in ACE, and a failure to understand the ways that ACE's frameworks can assist in structuring an application for maximum flexibility, performance and reuse while minimizing code and maintenance costs.

Riverace's "How to Use ACE Effectively" training is designed to teach users about ACE's features, of course, but more importantly, it teaches about the reuse techniques underlying ACE and how to apply ACE's pattern implementations and frameworks for maximum benefit. Take advantage of this training to:

  • Jump-start your development project
  • Improve your code quality and lower your maintenance costs
  • Develop your own in-house ACE expertise

Steve Huston, co-author of all three ACE programming books, often delivers this training personally, so you are sure to get authentic, in-person expertise to answer all your toughest questions. Call Steve Huston to discuss your team's ACE training needs today.