How to Get the Most From Your Riverace Support Service

Thank you for selecting Riverace as your ACE Support Services provider! We very much appreciate the trust you place in us, and we're committed to serving you with excellence. Our job is to help you succeed with ACE, and the information on this page is here to help us toward that goal. It contains all the information to help you submit issues or questions, and get the information you need quickly.

Using the Support Tracking System

We use a support tracking system to be sure that all the issues and questions you submit are handled properly and quickly. All support customers designate their support contact(s) and we create an account in the support tracking system for each reported user.

There are two ways to submit issues to this system:

  1. Fill out the PROBLEM-REPORT-FORM located in the top-level ACE_wrappers directory. Email it to [email protected]. Please be sure to fill out the form completely, including platform and configuration information. Including the form's content in the body of the email is preferred to attaching it.
  2. Go directly to the support tracking system's page: Log in using your assigned account ID and password. From that page you can see a list of your open cases. To review closed cases, click the "View Cases" tab and then the "View Closed Cases" button. To submit a new case click the "Log a Case" tab. The form for submitting a case asks you to fill in much of the information that the PROBLEM-REPORT-FORM requests, so there's no need to include the PROBLEM-REPORT-FORM - simply include all of the information requested on the "Log a Case" page.
  3. Many times a problem can be resolved or answered by searching the Knowledge Base. To search for your information in the Knowledge Base, click the "Find Solution" tab. Entering the Knowledge Base search via this method gives you access to additional information that is only available to you, a Riverace support customer.

Working with Cases

Once a case is submitted by either method above, the following process takes place:

  • Riverace will assign someone to your new case. You will receive an email message when this happens.
  • Riverace will review your case and either report an answer, supply a fix, or ask for more information. In any of these cases, you will receive an email message with the information. If you need to supply more information, you can follow the link in the email to the web page for your case. Click on Add Comment to add more information. You can also click on Add Attachment to attach files such as source files to the case.
  • When Riverace believes the issue has been resolved or answered successfully, the issue will be closed.
  • If you disagree that the issue is closed, you can still add a note to the case to tell us why. We'll re-open the case and continue working with you for a complete resolution.

When you need to add more information or respond to a question from Riverace on the issue, you can follow the email's link to the issue's page, or reply to the email. Replies will go to the case's records.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is integrated into the support tracking system. It contains the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about ACE and ACE's usage, ways to overcome common problems, and no-cost access to value-added ACE kits such as Riverace-released Fix Kits. The individual articles in the Knowledge Base are referred to as "Solutions" and your case pages may contain entries for Solutions that may be helpful for your case.