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8 Essential Questions to Ask Your Potential ACE Support Service Provider

A must-read white paper if you're considering purchasing ACE support

If you're new to open source software and you've just decided to use ACE (ADAPTIVE Communication Environment) for your company's projects, you're probably wondering what to do next.

In this 15-page white paper we suggest eight important questions you need to ask before selecting a commercial ACE support service provider as a partner for your project's success.

You May Not Even Need ACE Support! We'll Help You Decide

We're interested in helping your project succeed, not badgering you with a hard sell. The first thing this white paper does is list the situations where ACE support is probably not right for you. But if you can benefit from professional support services, we'll help you sort out the factors that are most important to you.


About Riverace Corporation

Riverace Corporation is the premier services provider for ACE – the ADAPTIVE Communication Environment. Riverace has helped many customers achieve success with their software projects across many disciplines and platforms. If you'd like to discuss the questions on your mind right away, please contact Steve Huston today by email at ([email protected]) or phone (508) 541-9180.

QUESTION #7: Can you help me sort out the confusing array of design options so I can avoid making a wrong choice and having to rework later?

Why should you ask this?
ACE is a very rich and powerful toolkit. In many cases, there are multiple ways to achieve a specific goal. The pros and cons between the choices aren't always immediately clear, and if a team ends up going down a wrong road and has to backtrack, the project schedule will be delayed and the product either won't get to market when it should or gets launched with an unacceptable number of bugs.

What should you look for?
The ideal support provider will possess not only ACE expertise, but also wider knowledge to complement your team's experience and project plans. A provider who has worked with different levels of networking software understands what ACE is and isn't and can more easily understand the nature of problems that arise.

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