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ACE Platform Sponsorship - Safety and Stability Using New Platforms

ACE has a long history of stability and cost-savings on many projects and products in the field today. When you decide to base a project on ACE you can be sure you'll be supported by a rock-solid toolkit with world class services to back you.

As much as we value stability, technology continues its advance with a steady stream of new and improved hardware, more feature-laden operating systems, and new language standards and compilers. New technology allows you to develop new software with features your customers want. Your tools must evolve to support your plans and goals. Porting ACE up to newer platforms allows you to easily migrate your existing code to newer platforms as well as take advantage of new capabilities.

You know ACE can save you loads of time, but would diverting your efforts to port ACE be a good use of your people and time? Do you really want to learn all about ACE's structure and internals (ACE has about half a million lines of code) for just one port? Wouldn't it be safer to have a ported, tested, and verified version of ACE delivered to you for your new platform?

We've ported ACE to many platforms over the years (see this page for the current supported list). We have the necessary lab setup, experience with the autobuild and regression test frameworks, and, of course, the experience to complete new ports quickly. We've done it for others, and we can do it for you.

And we won't leave you hanging after delivering a source kit to you. Once we complete a port to a new platform, we'll continue to maintain it for one year, or as long as our standard ACE Support platform coverage would cover it, whichever is longer.

There's a list below of some platforms that are not yet supported. Whether or not the platform(s) you need are on the list, let's talk about your needs. Please contact Steve Huston or fill out the form below and we'll contact you.


Platforms Sponsorship Examples
Platform Required Sponsorship
Windows Vista, x86, VC 9 $9,500
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, x86, g++ $15,000
MontaVista Linux call to discuss
Macintosh OS X, x86 $15,000
QNX 6.3.0, x86, Momentics $32,000
If you really need ACE ported and supported on a new platform, but can't fund it yourself, we have a way to help. We can coordinate with a number of companies or groups to divide the new platform sponsorship costs. We'll tell you how much it costs to add your new platform, and you tell us how much you're willing to fund. When the number of sponsors and funding commitments gets to that total, we do the port. We'll keep track of the interested potential sponsors. We'll work out the contracts and funding. We'll do the port. You get the new ACE platform, and a nice mention on our site that you sponsored a new ACE port.

The following companies have championed ACE platform sponsorship recently. We thank them for their support and contribution to the ACE community.

ACE Platform Sponsors

AIX 5.3, pSeries, XL C++ 7
AIX 6.1, pSeries, XL C++ 9
HP-UX 11iv2, PA-RISC, aC++
HP-UX 11iv2, Integrity, aC++
HP-UX 11iv3, Integrity, aC++
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, x86, Intel C++
Solaris 10, SPARC, Sun Studio 10

Fox River Execution Technology, LLC Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, x64, g++
Sarnoff Corporation Windows XP x86, Visual Studio 2008 (VC9)


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