Open Source Support: Your Key to Success

Do "open source" and "support" go together? Absolutely!

Open source software is a great model for developing useful, quality software. Additionally, it opens up use of the particular product to a great many people for little or no money. Indeed, open source software is a "do-it-yourself" dream since you can always read the source code, figure out what's going on, and fix or extend it where needed.

But do you really want to invest the time needed to figure out the structure, design, styles, and organization of a large software product just to fix a problem that's holding up your project?

Do you have the resources to merge changes, test across numerous OS and hardware platforms, and integrate your changes with the main source code repository? And then be responsible for those changes in the future?

Of course not. You have your hands full with the work that makes your project special and useful to your customers. You don't maintain your own compiler and editor, do you? Then why try to maintain your open source tools?

Riverace has a range of support plans for ACE. We're studying what people may want for Apache Qpid support as well. Wondering if we can help you? Please call Steve Huston at 508-541-9180 or email [email protected] today.

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How Do You Pick the Right Support Provider?

How do you evaluate ACE support providers? Our white paper, 8 Essential Questions to Ask Your Potential ACE Support Service Provider, is written specifically to help senior software developers and managers choose the best vendor for your needs.