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Riverace's President, Steve Huston, produces a monthly newsletter to help educate networked application developers like you about recent trends, technologies and, of course, ACE resources, and tips on how to use ACE more effectively.

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  • February: Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 Support for ACE
  • April: AIX 7.1 and RHEL 6 Support for ACE


  • February: Improving ACE_Dev_Poll_Reactor Performance: Why? How?
  • April: Improving ACE_Dev_Poll_Reactor Performance, Redux
  • December: End of Year Release Bonanza: ACE 6, Qpid 0.8


  • March: Stream-Oriented vs. Message-Oriented Protocols and SCTP
  • April: AMQP 1.0 Arriving Amidst Increased Uptake
  • May: Is the Sockets API Sufficient for Today's Needs?
  • June: ACE 5.7 Released; New Platforms, Important Fixes
  • August: ACE is Growing Up to New Compiler Capabilities
  • September: How to Send a Message Using Apache Qpid C++
  • November: How to Receive a Message Using Apache Qpid C++
  • December: Adding SSL Support to a TCP/IP Application on Windows


  • January: Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, AMQP
  • February: How to Handle a SIGPIPE Signal Using ACE
  • March: Apache Qpid Promotion to Top-Level Project
  • April: ACE Platforms Survey: The Results
  • May: A 'Modern' Replacement for ACE? Ummm, no...
  • July: How to Create a Custom Logging Back End for ACE
  • September: What's Your Favorite Networked Programming Tool?
  • October: Our Favorite Networked Programming Tools
  • November: Ada's Popularity; Upcoming Releases of ACE, Qpid
  • December: Apache Qpid M4, ACE 5.7 Releases


  • February: What's Coming in ACE 6.0 (renamed ACE 5.6)?
  • March: What's New for ACE 5.6? (part 2)
  • April: What's New for ACE 5.6? (part 3)
  • May: What's New for ACE 5.6? (part 4)
  • June: What's New for ACE 5.6? (part 5)
  • July: What's New for ACE 5.6? (part 6)
  • August: What's New for ACE 5.6? (part 7)
  • September: ACE 5.6 is Available!
  • October: Possible App Build Errors with ACE 5.6
  • December: New ACE Knowledge Base Available


  • January: New feature: ACE_Barrier::shutdown()
  • February: New feature: ACE_Message_Queue and Enqueueing a Set of Blocks
  • March: New feature: ACE Namespace Versioning
  • April/May: Visual Studio 2005 Support in ACE 5.5
  • June: New feature/important change: ACE_Task::last_thread()
  • October: Auto-configuring ACE
  • November: Building Applications for Auto-configured ACE
  • December: Using the ACE_Task::put() Variability Point


  • January: Customizing Service Handler Creation in ACE_Acceptor
  • February: Customizing Service Handler Creation When Accepting Connections
  • March: How to Serve a Large Number of Network Connections
  • April: Managing the Size and Content of an ACE_Message_Block
  • May: Reuse Techniques: Patterns vs. Class Libraries vs. Frameworks
  • June: ACE_Time_Value: Using Both Absolute and Relative Time Values
  • July: How to Keep Track of Acceptor-Connector-created Service Handlers
  • August: CDR Primer
  • September: ACE_Event Handler Memory Management
  • October: ACE_Event_Handler Reference Counting
  • November: ACE_Dev_Poll_Reactor Introduction


  • August: Initializing a New ACE_Svc_Handler
  • September: Use the Default Behavior When Closing an ACE_Svc_Handler
  • October: Proper ACE Initialization and Shutdown
  • November: Proper Use of ACE's Text-Width Macros and Types
  • December: Useful But Not-Often-Used Logging Format Specifiers

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