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June 2009
Dear Steve,

It's been a big month for releases. Both ACE and Apache Qpid have new releases available. ACE 5.7 was released June 23, and Apache Qpid 0.5 was released earlier this month. Complete details are included below.

As always, be sure to forward this note to other people you work with to be sure they know what's happening in the world of networked application development.

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ACE 5.7 Released; New Platforms, Important Fixes
Apache Qpid 0.5 Released; Source and Windows Installer
How Do You Evaluate ACE Support Providers?
Did Your Last Project Run Late? Want to Prevent That?
ACE 5.7 Released; New Platforms, Important Fixes
ACE 5.7 has finally been released. You can download it from now.

Some of the benefits to the new ACE release are:
  • New platforms (thank you to Amdocs for sponsoring these!)
    • HP-UX 11iv3 on Integrity
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (g++ and Intel C++) compilers
    • AIX 6.1 using IBM XL C++ 9
  • Improvements and very important fixes to the Service Configurator functionality
  • A new ACE_Stack_Trace class that allows you to log the current call stack at any point
  • Improvements to support for many newer compilers and platforms
  • Critical fix to ACE_Dev_Poll_Reactor (also described in my blog)
Many of these items were also available in the ACE 5.6-based Fix Kits available to Riverace ACE Support customers. If you'd like to discuss how the new ACE release may affect your choice of tools for an upcoming project, please contact Steve Huston any time.
Apache Qpid 0.5 Released; Source and Windows Installer
Apache Qpid logo
Apache Qpid version 0.5 was released on May 27, 2009. It includes a number of new features and many fixes over the previous version, M4. In addition to the source distribution there is also a Windows installer to quickly and easily install pre-built binaries and, optionally, the complete source.

I contributed primarily to the changes for Windows in this version. In addition to the Windows installer, I contributed to the ability to build DLLs on Windows, which I previously described on my blog. Microsoft sponsored my work in these areas on Qpid.

For links and information on the set of files available for Qpid 0.5, please see The source distributions are listed near the top, and the Windows installer is described near the end of the page.
How Do You Evaluate ACE Support Providers?
ace support providers
Have you ever wondered if you are taking best advantage of ACE's power and flexibility? Ever have a question you couldn't find the answer to? How about a bug?

Have any of these problems slowed down your project, or even delayed a deadline?

If you run into a situation in the future where you may want ACE support, it would be great if you already knew the best provider for you and your team. To do that, you have to start looking now. To evaluate the best provider for you, you can start with our new white paper "8 Essential Questions to Ask Your Potential ACE Support Service Provider". Download your copy today at
Do You Need Help Designing Your Next System?
Nobody has to tell you that designing a well-formed, efficient, maintainable networked application is hard. You've had to deal with it. The problem is that networking functionality is usually in a supporting role to your system's main purposes, and your skills and experience are much better used to focus on specific business and technology issues. It may make more sense to bring in seasoned expertise to help design a solid networking base in your next system.

I've helped many companies get great networked applications built - I may be able to help you as well. Let's talk and see if I can help take care of the networking, and let you focus on applying your expertise and experience to the business features that'll really help your system stand out.

Call me at 508-541-9180 or email me at [email protected].
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