UNIX Development Expertise

The “grand-daddy” of networking programming, UNIX has many important differences from Linux and is very different from Windows. Ensuring your project incorporates the right hardware architecture and variant of UNIX takes real skill and expertise.

That’s why you need Riverace Corporation. Steve Huston, President, is a recognized open source software developer and programmer and can ensure your next UNIX project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Riverace maintains an extensive, secure development lab that includes AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris (and Linux) running on a variety of hardware architectures. You need not open up your network to outside access just to gain expert UNIX development assistance – which means your project work can be started and completed quickly using our advanced lab.

When you hire Riverace to oversee your UNIX software development project, you get the following:

  • Programming expertise on a variety of UNIX systems
  • Shortened project schedules with improved quality
  • Reduced development and maintenance costs

To learn more about our software development and programming services – and to discuss your project, call 508-541-9180 or send email to [email protected].

“I have worked with Steve Huston for over a decade and we have written two popular books together. Steve has done a great job as the president/founder of Riverace. He is a true visionary whose work with ACE has made a seminal contribution to the open-source community. His abilities as a software developer are exceptional and his professionalism is exemplary. I recommend him and his company without exception.”