Linux Development Expertise

Once the toy of hobbyists and hackers, Linux now powers high availability, high performance web sites, back offices, trading floors, streaming media servers and applications at companies of all sizes around the world.

If your next project needs to run on Linux, it pays to hire a Linux programmer to help identify what parts of your application can be portable and where it's best to apply Linux features for maximum advantage.

As a recognized Linux software developer and programmer, I can help you. I maintain an extensive, secure development lab that includes multiple Linux versions and hardware architectures – which means you need not open up your network to outside access in order to gain expert Linux development and programming assistance. It also ensure your project work is completed quickly, on time, and on budget.

When you hire me to help with your Linux software development project, you get the following:

  • Linux programming expertise
  • Shortened project schedule
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced development and maintenance costs

To learn more about my Linux network programming software development and programming services – and to discuss your project, call 508-541-9180 or send email to [email protected].

“I worked with Steve when I was involved with the ACE open source C++ framework project where we collaborated on writing The ACE Programmer's Guide. Steve has always impressed me with his deep knowlege of both the framework and the technology. He is very much in tune with his customers' needs and will work diligently towards a solution until the job is done.”