Expert Networked Software Developer Specializing in ACE, Apache Qpid, C++ Sockets Programming

Hi, I'm Steve Huston, and I've been writing networking software since way back in the 20th century, before the Internet was invented. My first comms project was implementing IBM 2780/3780 bisync. Then serial comms (with modems, no less!) and a terminal concentrator (when 1200 baud was big stuff).

In the 1980s I ported BSD TCP/IP and the main protocols (FTP, SMTP, Telnet) to Prime systems, then rewrote it. Twice. (Boy, did I learn some hard lessons then...) At that point I was hooked and have worked on the IP protocol stack and applications on many different OS and hardware combinations since.

Twenty-five years working on a technology gives you some perspective. Here are some lessons that have shaped my approach to software projects:

  • Don't write code if you can reuse some instead.
  • If there's an easier way to do something, do it. Use your skills on the code that really makes a difference to your project, your company, your industry, whatever.
  • Use the tools that make the most sense for your goals. No operating system or tool works best in all situations.

I'm a proponent of open source software because it works. I'm not militant about it, and I certainly understand people with, shall we say, reservations, about the GPL. Open source works if you match up your business and technical needs with the right tool. I can help you sort that out.

I develop a lot of software in C++ with Boost, ACE, and Apache Qpid because those are solid, valuable tools that get the job done with great performance across many platforms, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX. I enjoy doing GUIs and database apps but I'm not an expert there. When you need help with a networked application, though, I'm your guy. Call me.

Steve Huston

“Steve is one of the most capable and bright software engineers I've had the pleasure to work with. He's hard working, talented and detail oriented. Out of the 100s of developers I've come in contact with in my career Steve stands out as one of the best.”