C++ Software Development Expertise

The preferred language for high-performance, portable software development, C++ is used for network programming, socket programming, and high-performance message queuing systems.

As a recognized C++ expert and software developer (I wrote the book, C++ Network Programming), I can help you select the best tools for your software development project – as well as help you use them effectively to complete your project quickly and correctly.

When you hire me to help with your C++ software development project, you get more than 15 years' of C++ network programming expertise applied directly to your project with resulting:

  • Improved product quality
  • Shortened project schedules
  • Reduced risk to your company
  • Lower cost of development and maintenance

To learn more about my services – and to discuss your project, call 508-541-9180 or send email to [email protected].

“Steve is an outstanding software consultant. He is an outstanding architect with design, implementation, testing, and documentation expertise. At DEC, Steve accomplished the most difficult technical areas; he solved all problems and delivered solutions on time and with high quality. Steve works very well with management as well as coworkers.”