ACE Development Expertise to Help You Succeed

Riverace is the original expertise source for ACE development. Are you planning to use ACE for your next project but aren't sure how to best apply it? Not sure if your design is optimal? Wondering if you'll complete development on time?

Steve Huston at Riverace can help you:

  • Consult on the best approach to your ACE project
  • Get a solid, secure start by reviewing your ACE-based system design
  • Shorten development schedule by helping to develop your system

Applying expertise at critical junctures can help ensure your project finishes successfully and at the lowest possible cost. Please call Steve Huston to talk about your project and goals.

“I could easily have checked all positive attributes for Steve, but the website kept me to three... We are using ACE in our runtime library to provide a remoting layer between C++ clients and a Java server. I had done a lot of research on ACE but had absolutely no experience with it. We hired Steve, first only to use him as a design consultant, then to implement the core networking pieces. His work was as nice as I've ever seen from an outside consultant and it was delivered on-time and within budget. He was great to work with and I would re-hire him in a heartbeat.”