The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE)

To keep pace in our current competitive landscape, today's software projects are under increasing pressure to produce high-quality, high-performance systems, in shorter time-to-market windows. In order to keep pace, more and more project teams are turning to modern software engineering methods and practices as a means for improving their team's productivity and rate of success. Object-oriented analysis and design, C++, and design patterns are helping more and more of today's harried engineering teams put their expertise into domain-specific engineering problems, without needing to solve many of the same framework issues over and over on each new project. The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) is a modern, high-performance framework and C++ class library that provides precisely these benefits, providing a wide variety of classes and patterns, allowing your engineers to concentrate on adding the domain-specific knowledge, and complete your projects in shorter times. And, since ACE provides the framework and patterns commonly found in high-performance, networked, multi-threaded systems, there is much less code for your team to write (and debug), reducing both your engineering and maintenance costs, now and in the future.

When you are starting to take advantage of today's object-oriented techniques and patterns, Riverace can provide the guidance, experience, and expertise to get you off to a good start - especially on that all-important first OO project - giving your team a solid foundation for future success. Riverace also can greatly assist your experienced development team with both design consulting and development services, augmenting your staff to accelerate your project's time to market with high levels of quality.

As your development team starts to make greater and greater use of ACE and its enabling capabilities, there will inevitably be questions or issues to be resolved. The important thing is that they are resolved quickly and completely, insuring that your project continues on course without missing a beat. This is where Riverace's ACE Support Services provide you real benefits. Riverace's expertise is well-known and respected, assuring that when you need an issue resolved, it will get done. Riverace's software lab has a wide variety of systems configured and running so that your platform-specific issues can be resolved quickly and decisively so your team can stay on track. Additionally, any source code fixes you require are based on the supported version of ACE that you are using. You will not need to change to a beta version, which would add the potential for instability. Riverace is here to help you succeed, and that's all we're here for.

In addition to resolving ACE issues, Riverace's annual ACE support service affords your staff the opportunity to ask questions concerning the proper use of ACE's facilities. Having an expert on call can keep your project on track, with timely, authoritative information - even in the analysis and design phase. Clarifying information obtained in early project phases provides a benefit that multiplies many times as your project continues, and can save you from many long nights of debugging down the road.

Riverace Corporation and ACE - a combination of technology and expertise to help your project succeed!

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