About Riverace Corporation

Founded in 1994, Riverace provides high-quality consulting for network system and protocol development as well as object-oriented development of distributed object systems. ACE has played a pivotal role in Riverace's successful history, and as such, Riverace is the premier provider of ACE consulting, training, development, and support services, with enthusiastic customers and their successful projects spread across the United States and around the world.

About Steve Huston

Steve is the recognized ACE expert, having written three books on the topic. In addition to managing Riverace Corporation, Steve frequently consults with enterprises and businesses, teaches ACE classes, and frequents ACE and open source forums where he provides answers to people's technical coding questions.

Steve publishes the Network Programing Newsletter which covers topics ranging from industry news to ACE and Qpid coding tips. In addition, Steve writes the popular Networked Programming Blog.

Riverace is dedicated to providing superior software development, support, and consulting services. For further information about any of our services, please call (+1-508-541-9180), fax us (+1-508-541-9185), or send email to [email protected].
Steve Huston

“Steve is one of the most capable and bright software engineers I've had the pleasure to work with. He's hard working, talented and detail oriented. Out of the 100s of developers I've come in contact with in my career Steve stands out as one of the best.”