Your Domain Experience
+ Our Network Programming Expertise

= Smash Hit Project!

You know what you need to build - you know all about your application domain, your market, your customer. All you need to win big is someone to help you get the network programming done just right. Someone who knows how to leverage tools like ACE, AMQP/Qpid, Boost, C++ to make your great ideas fly - and scale with your success. Someone who can combine the tools with decades of software development experience to help complete your project on time and within budget. Someone who has developed and delivered high-quality, high-performance software on Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, and more.

Yes, we can make you a rock star to your customers. How can we help you?

"We turned to Riverace for help with our initial design, and to better understand the design patterns implied by the ACE framework. Riverace saved us a huge amount of time that we would have otherwise spent trying, testing, and rejecting bad designs. Now that our product is mature, we continue to rely on Riverace for guidance as we improve performance and robustness."

John Lilley, VP of Engineering, DataLever Corporation